For Sale By Owner, a collection of short stories by Kelcey Parker
144 pages, 5.5 x 8.5" paper,

ISBN 978-1-888553-55-0  

Price: $17.95

2011 Next Generation

Indie Book Award

Short Fiction Winner

Bound to the bustling "Big Houses" of contemporary suburbia, the women in Kelcey Parker’s tales of twisted domesticity weave secrets, soccer balls, kisses and dreams into the fabric of an evolving American subculture. Suburban sprawl transcends geography as children, husbands, and all things domestic overpopulate the interior landscapes of young divorcees, best-friends-forever, and tired mothers who give up their families (or won't) for legal struggles, Lent, or the comfort of scrap-booking.

Fans of Lorrie Moore and Antonya Nelson will find kinship in Parker's wit and generosity of spirit. Join Parker's smart, playful female characters as they navigate the common but seemingly lonely paths of modern parenthood and marriage.


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"The turtledove nests in the hanging petunia plant all summer long– sitting, hatching, feeding one then another then another pair of new chicks until they fly one then another then another away. She tried to water the plant but the bird never left just stared so when the hose was pointed. The hanging petunia died of thirst, though it was more like strangulation, strangled dry. The turtledove remained. Devotion he calls it. Exhausting she calls it. You’re like that bird he points out, with the kids. Exhausting she repeats."

– from "Possession," page 51



"Parker has no reservations about exploring and revealing the sinister underbelly of domestic life... I suspect this book will be utilised as an academic and critical text, as well as being read by enthusiasts of controversial contemporary literature." (READ MORE)
-- Georgina Donlea of BookGeeks


"Kelcey Parker’s observant and finely honed collection of short stories reveals the lives of women living in suburban America – their dreams, expectations, and struggles as wives, parents and friends. Wry, biting, and skillfully constructed, these are stories that evoke the darker side of domestic life and ask the question: What is a women’s identity apart from the labels which define her?" (READ MORE)

-- Wendy Robards of caribousmom





"To me these stories have done what few have managed, and that is to bypass what we think we mean with terms like ‘realist’ that are supposed to reference a familiar framework—our own ‘real’ lives. So we’ll find ourselves or people we know in them, their stories are ours, and so goes their supposed (and often effective) premise. But Parker has done the real trick, has reached a territory of the real that shows just how far fiction of this type might push when it bothers to stop and trouble itself first." (READ MORE)

-- Ryan Sanford Smith of White Walls / Black Ink




"In these sharply funny, acutely smart, and sometimes heartbreaking stories, Kelcey Parker gets the pains and comforts of family life—and particularly of motherhood—so right that I both laughed and caught my breath as I read. Like mother-love, these stories are deep, and cutting, and true. "

-- Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, author of Swimming With Strangers and This Life She’s Chosen

"The stories in Kelcey Parker’s For Sale By Owner are gorgeous, sinister dreams that sweep us into the unsettled lives of women – wives, mothers, lovers, friends – straining against the bonds of expectation.  Parker’s vivid characters are drawn with language that is bold, loving, and mesmerizing.  A truly exceptional collection."

-- Darrin Doyle, author of The Girl Who Ate Kalamazoo and Revenge of the Teacher's Pet, A Love Story

"If there's a book that can cure what ails us, then it's Kelcey Parker's amazing story collection, For Sale by Owner. These are fantastical, ingenious, deeply imagined and felt stories about the homes, families, jobs, lives that we dream about, that we disappoint and are disappointed by in equal measure. In Parker's hands, our dead ends become something other than dead ends, something hopeful and beautiful and mysterious. Art, in other words. What a first book!"

-- Brock Clarke, author of Exley and An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England